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Omnistar Help Desk Software Product Videos

Click and watch Omnistar Help Desk Software web based help desk software videos highlighting the dynamic software in action. You will learn how Omnistar Help Desk Software can make customer service easy for your business.

Omnistar Help Desk Software Introduction Video
Omnistar Help Desk Software is a dynamic support system that includes Help Desk Software chat, ticket support (web and email based), knowledgebase, document manager and troubleshooter all in one easy to use solution. Omnistar Help Desk Software help system is flexible and robust and allows you to use only the required component. Our Help Desk Software chat software increases your customer satisfaction and reduces your support cost and time.
Web Ticket Support
Omnistar Help Desk Software is a help desk system that can handle all of your online customer support. By using an online system you can allow a smaller staff to achieve a higher level of customer service, and by taking advantage of other built in features, you can see a substantial improvement in satisfaction just by using the Help Desk Software system.
Email Ticket Support
Omnistar Help Desk Software is a powerful system for managing any of your online ticketing needs, allowing you to funnel the majority of your customer support through a web interface. This combined with the ability to set up a Help Desk Software chat system and a knowledgebase means you can easily reduce support staff and improve response times without harming the quality of support.
Knowledge Base Features
Omnistar Live is equipped with a full featured knowledgebase that you can use to store all of your articles for customer support. Online article repositories allow you to easily manage the needs of your customers without involving your customer support personnel.
Live Chat Features
Omnistar Live has the ability to fill all of your customer support needs. The built in chat feature ensures that your customers will get rapid support without having to tie up phone lines. One staff member can handle multiple support lines, so your staff can keep up with all of your support needs.
Document Manager Feature
Omnistar Live includes the ability to share files with your customers. By uploading files to the document manager, you are able to place them on a public location that ensures your customers have access to every file you want them to.
Announcements Feature
Omnistar Live allows you to post announcements to the Live chat software. These are posted to a page on the live chat software, and can also be sent out via email. This ensures that all of your most important information can be disseminated easily.