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Omnistar Document Management Software Product Videos

Click and watch Omnistar Document Management Software videos highlighting the software in action. You will learn how Omnistar Document Management Software can make file management easy for your business.

Omnistar Document Management Software Introduction Video
Omnistar Document Management Software enables non-technical users to easily share and manage files online from anywhere, using only a web browser. Our software includes drag and drop uploading, progress bar view, version control, user email notification, and fully customized interface.
Check in and out Feature
Omnistar Document Management Software is built to be a system you can trust, so we have engineered the system to be a safe repository for your documents. Included in this feature set is the ability to check out a document from the system.
Manage Unlimited Users
Omnistar Document Management Software has the ability to add an unlimited number of users within the software. Instead of limiting the number of accounts you can offer and forcing you to limit your usage of the software or give the same username to multiple people, you can give every employee or customer you want accessing your software their own login.
Java Upload Tool
Our php file manager makes uploading to your document manager extremely easy. With it, you can upload multiple files at once, no matter how large they may be, and the progress bar always keeps you informed of how long it will take to finish uploading those especially big files.
Setup Group Permissions
Omnistar Document Management Software is capable of managing the settings of a group of users together, allowing the administrator to configure folder permissions for a large number of users at once. You can also set the individual groups' interface from the group menu. This system means allowing a large number of users onto your system is even easier to manage.
Email Stored Documents
Omnistar Document Management Software is built to provide users with access to a large repository of documents. One of the ways you can give users, even those who are not registered to user the software, access is to use the system to email documents.
Easily Email Users
Omnistar Document Management Software is a powerful tool that can be used to provide your website and your customers with access to important data, all in a completely secure system. With Drive, you even have the ability to stay in touch with all of your document manager users from a simple to use email interface.
Three Administrative Levels
Omnistar Document Management Software includes 3 different levels of users to ensure that you give just the right amount of access to the software. Each user level has different permissions, and the system can further customize the most basic user level to allow you to create exactly the level of interaction with the software you want for those you give access to.
Advanced Reporting
Omnistar Document Management Software is built to provide a document repository that is safe and secure, but also has built in backup and tracking functionality. Omnistar Document Management Software provides administrator with detailed statistics about the documents in the software, the bandwidth usage, and the access history of each document and user.
Customize User Interface
Omnistar Document Management Software is able to create user groups that have set permissions and unique interfaces, allowing you to give different groups different logos and color schemes within the software. This allows you to use the document manager for a multitude of purposes, and customize different versions to match whichever site those users are coming from, meaning you can use the software for multiple functions.