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Omnistar Email Marketing Software Product Videos

Click and watch Omnistar Email Marketing Software videos highlighting the software in action. You will learn how Omnistar Email Marketing Software can make mailing list management easy for your business.

Omnistar Email Marketing Software Introduction Video
Omnistar Email Marketing Software makes it easy to create professional HTML emails with no technical expertise. Our email marketing software offers customizable email templates and a step-by step getting started wizard. Omnistar Email Marketing Software allows you to easily create, send and track email newsletters, surveys and setup reminders in one easy to use system.
Create Unlimited Autoresponders
Omnistar Email Marketing Software includes a fully customizable autoresponder software system that allows unlimited automated response e-mails to be sent out to your subscribers at any time in the future.
Receive Detailed Reports
Good statistics don't just tell you how your campaign went over, they also tell you what you can do to improve and see a better response from your campaigns in the future. With Email Marketing Software, you get everything in one package, the tools to build email lists, the ability to build attractive HTML email campaigns, and the statistics to improve your marketing effort each time a mailing goes out.
Personalize Email Campaigns
The Omnistar Email Marketing Software is capable of personalizing any email you send through the system. Because Email Marketing Software tracks your customers' information in customizable fields, you can keep as much information on your customers as you deem necessary.
Segment with Our Target List Creator
The Omnistar Email Marketing Software's rich functionality includes the ability to set up a fully customizable Target List. The target list allows you to classify each e-mail recipient on your list into subsets, effectively segmenting your users into different groups.
One Click Spam Check
Omnistar Email Marketing Software includes a convenient tool that scans a database of spam rules and keywords. If any of the words or word combinations are flagged, it will show you in a graphical interface what you need to change. Each keyword and rule is ranked, telling you how high it is weighted for spam, letting you know if a keyword is a minor issue and not worth changing, or if it is going to greatly increase the likelihood of your email being considered spam.
Preview Email Before Sending
Omnistar Email Marketing Software also includes a great feature that is intended to improve the quality of received email. Different email applications render HTML differently, some have special rules, and that means your email might look different from one application to another. Our system includes the ability to easily preview how your email will look in a number of popular email browsers. This means you will see any problems before your email goes out, giving you time to fix them.
Automatic Duplicate Email Management
Omnistar Mailer allows you to set up automatic management of your email list contents. You can have the system automatically remove members from other lists when they add themselves to a list, ensuring they don't receive excessive or duplicate email copy. This feature allows you to keep your lists up to date and keep your subscribers happy.
Email Split Tests
Omnistar Mailer is your one stop mailing list software, so we include as many tools to make your mailings work well as possible. The split test feature allows you to set up multiple versions of the same email and send it out to a portion of your list. Whichever email gets the best response gets sent to the rest of the list, ensuring your best marketing effort is the one the bulk of your customers are receiving.