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Omnistar Knowledge Management Software Product Videos

Click and watch Omnistar Knowledge Management Software videos highlighting the dynamic software in action. You will learn how Omnistar Knowledge Management Software can make article management easy.

Omnistar Knowledge Management Software Introduction Video
Omnistar Knowledge Management Software is a dynamic knowledgebase management system that allows you to create a repository of searchable and useful information for your staff and web site visitors. Current users have told us their support has been reduced by as much as 70% once they implemented Omnistar Knowledge Management Software.
Post Unlimited Articles
Omnistar Knowledge Management Software allows you to publish an unlimited number of articles to your knowledge base. The system does not place any limitations on your ability to publish articles because we know people use the database for many different purposes, often using it for both internal and public articles, articles on different products, etc. We give you the power to use our software.
Mouse-Over Glossary
Omnistar Knowledge Management Software has the ability to provide a convenient database of documentation to accompany your website. Many users offer technical details on their Knowledge Management Software, so we implemented a special feature, a glossary that would be live on each page, so you could provide customers with definitions of advanced terms on the same page as the article.
SEO Friendly Articles
Omnistar Knowledge Management Software is built to provide you with a powerful and effective FAQ system, allowing you to post informative articles that help your customers use your products better. Because the Knowledge Management Software stores valuable content on your server, we thought it would be important to provide you with the ability to optimize your articles for search engines. Now you can harness the extra content for your SEO needs.
Kbase Article Statistics
Omnistar Kbase is equipped with tools to keep track of how your articles are being used. The statistics tracked by Omnistar Kbase provide you with important information on usage and the comments on articles, as well as the user ratings.