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Omnistar Interactive introduces spam scanning to Omnistar Mailer.

Columbia, MD: 15 September, 2008 -Omnistar Interactive, an online business software producer known for making applications intended to improve communication between businesses and customers and automating business functions, is proud to announce the introduction of the latest feature to Omnistar Mailer. The software will now be able to use a comprehensive database of spam rules and keywords to scan outbound emails. Customers will be able to use this to greatly improve the success of their email campaigns.

"The introduction of this new feature means that our customers will be getting even more email into their recipient's email boxes," says Tariehk Geter, CEO of Omnistar Interactive. "We already had a great suite of features to help customers get email to the best users, now we can help the overall success rate of emails simply by scanning email before it goes out."

This new feature, when combined with the system's autoresponder, target list, and other great features, keeps Omnistar Mailer on top of the competition. The software is now able to help customers who had previously noticed difficulties getting their content into their customers inboxes. Customers should now try to keep the software up to date to keep up with changes in conventions used to filter spam.

About Omnistar Interactive

Omnistar Interactive is an Application Service provider specializing in web based eBusiness tools that form one complete integrated application to help you manage important business processes. Omnistar Interactive has a long standing history of providing dynamic customized web based applications and web portals for businesses world wide. It was through this interaction with businesses that Omnistar was able to develop a basis for these comprehensive products. As a full service Internet Development firm, Omnistar Interactive understands the need to be able to effectively leverage the power of the Internet in order to increase a businesses productivity.
After doing extensive research into eBusiness solutions and the needs of businesses that have an existing web presence, Omnistar Interactive has been able to effectively develop a comprehensive suite of solutions that are know widely used through out many industries.



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