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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are the Omnistar Solutions 100% re-brandable?
    Yes, all of the Omnistar solutions are 100% re-brandable and can easily be branded to match the look and feel of any company. This includes all documentation and powered by links throughout the products interface.

  2. Is technical support provided with resold products?
    Yes we provide 24/7 same day product support on all products and services at no additional charge. We guarantee that if you submit a support ticket via our system that you will receive a response the same DAY or we will pay you!

  3. Is their a long-term commitment to become a reseller?
    No, the reseller program is simply a monthly program that you can cancel at anytime. There is not long term commitment unlike many other programs.

  4. Is there an initial setup / sign-up fee to become a reseller?
    No, there is no initial setup / sign-up fee. You simply only pay for the product licenses.

  5. Can I charge my clients any fees for the software?
    Yes, as a reseller we provide you with our products and you will charge your clients and provide them with support.

  6. How do I receive my resold software and license?
    Once you request a new license or services from us for one of your clients we will email you’re your account information or download information.

  7. Can the resold products and services be translated into other languages?
    Yes, you can translate Omnistar products. We provide a language file with each product along with detailed instructions on how to translate the product.

  8. Do the Omnistar Resold products and services require any additional software?
    No, all of the Omnistar solutions are 100% web based and do not require any additional software to run.

  9. What type of servers will the install versions run on?
    The install versions of the Omnistar solutions will run on any Linux, Unix or Windows server that has PHP and MYSQL.

  10. Does Omnistar provide Installation services?
    Yes, Omnistar provides free product installation for the install versions of all our products and services.

  11. What format is the documentation provided in?
    Our unbranded documentation is also web based and is provided with every purchased product and/or service in Web and PDF formats.

  12. How hard is it to re-brand Omnistar Product's?
    It is very easy to re-brand our products. Once you purchase our products we will provide you with a detail user guide to re-brand our products. It does not require any technical experience.